Discover the new scale for healthier workplaces

The first labour health database created with connected beacons.

Promoting decent jobs
Promoting decent jobs

The Numii scale aims to protect each individual worker, by preserving their health through longitudinal follow-ups and risk-zone identification.

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Understanding work strategies
Understanding working strategies

Discovering how each of us work as individuals is the key to adapting workplaces to human movement. We’ll be able to comprehend working strategies, and use this information for the good of the worker.

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Creating healthy data
Creating health data

Strain at work is a worldwide issue. The created health data will be anonymised and freely released to the medical world, so that scientific research on human movement can advance, moving towards a world without occupational exhaustion.

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How to reinvent health

In our digital world, how can health at work be reinvented, transforming technical advances into social progress?

Numii is the new scale for healthier workplaces, through the use of artificial intelligence. Featuring connected beacons, this swarm intelligence is creating the world’s first labour health database.

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Health at work is a major challenge for our society. Strain today is the same as it was 100 years ago. Nothing has changed, nothing is happening, and nothing is getting better. Workers suffer just as much as they did in the nineteen hundreds with difficult, repetitive tasks. Now, more than ever, is the time for a major global change, for a boost in national and international responses to the epidemic that is professional illness. This will enable us to really protect the health, and ultimately, the life of workers.

We allow CSR-conscious companies to imagine strategies made around health at work and, more broadly, allows us to imagine decent jobs for all of us. Creating digital factory twins gives a detailed view of good work practices, helping to pinpoint where hazards are. The Numii scale becomes part of the factory of the future, plants who truly wish to put humans in the center of their choices.

Simply place one or several beacons near a person in their working environment and receive real-time bio-mechanical analysis in the click of a button. The Numii scale aims to protect each individual worker, by preserving their health through longitudinal follow-ups and risk-zone identification. Then, our intuitive AI software creates a global vision, with dashboards and indicators for improvements. The system offers a personalised view per worker, a zone status per factory, as well as a synchronised view between plants. Analyse and compare data, improve processes, and move forward to a working world without strain.

What people have to say

Removing strain

AIO is going in completely the right direction that should be the nation-wide industrial strategy – removing strain. AIO is a company that aims to improve the fluidity of our processes, to remove strain and to analyse the problems in our companies. I can only be charmed by AIO.

Alain Rousset President of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Smart and connected

What makes smart, connected products fundamentally different is not the internet, but the changing nature of the “things”. It is the expanded capacities of smart, connected products and the data they generate that are ushering in a new era of competition.

Michael Porter Economist, researcher, author

Man and wellbeing

Comprehending human excursion is a richness that today allows us to differently contemplate our working tools and factories. Numii has opened the way to improving our work-style by discovering brand-new, healthier strategies, benchmarking processes and empowering kaizen. All of this, of course, with humans and well-being in mind.

Andreas Leipner Project manager

Health at work is a major issue

The market is going through a crisis of damaging jobs. In our day and age, such issues should not exist anymore. In order to avoid disastrous consequences, we need to favour the preliminary prevention approach, from the analysis of real-life working strategies. By developing the identification and our knowledge of work situations that generate occupational exhaustion, we can promote a prevention culture and working environments that are favorable for health.

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This project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grand agreement #885615